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True emblem of local identity

The authentic taste
The authentic taste
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true emblem of local identity.

Old forest canteen which also served as a dormitory, it dates from 1860, at the time when the first oyster farmers settled on the Peninsula. The hotel enjoys an idyllic setting, overlooking the beach and alone tells the story of Cap Ferret, through its traditional architecture and its wooden balconies. This listed building has hosted and continues to welcome all lovers of the picturesque district of l'HERBE oyster and preserved.

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Meals for true gourmets

From land to sea, it is the whole of southwestern culture that goes through your plate. The hotel restaurant serves up a frank and generous cuisine.

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Wines for francs drinkers

A choice of particularly large wine from small producers in great vintages, through the wines of the world.

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Hôtel de la Plage

L'Herbe Le Canon 33950 Lège-Cap-Ferret, France

Phone +33 5 56 60 50 15

Open from tuesday to saturday for lunch and dinner, and on sunday lunch. Closed on sunday evening and on monday. 

Lunch : 12pm/3pm 

Dinner : 7pm/11pm

For coffee or snacking from 9am