The village of l’Herbe

After 2 years of refurbishment, L’Hôtel de la Plage has reopened to the delight of all.

Its history began in 1860 as a former dormitory and canteen for pine resin workers and was run for years by cousins Janine and Michou before being taken over by Nicolas Lascombes and Stessy Faber in 2011, the Gironde-based founders and owners of Maison Faber Lascombes.

This Cap-Ferret icon is nestled at the entrance of the village of L’Herbe. This small village, the only one on the peninsula to be classified a “picturesque site”, is made up of many colourful wood cabins which are all different and inhabited by fishermen and oyster farmers.

During your visit with us, we invite you to discover this unusual and timeless site located at the edge of Arcachon Bay.